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Genre: Family/Drama/Sports

Year: 1998

Run Time: NTSC 98min/PAL 94min

Director: Peter Svatek

Cast: Shane Meier, Michael Biehn, Roy Scheider, Kimberly Warnat

Jesse (Shane Meier) goes to live with his uncle Roy (Biehn) when his father dies in an accident and while living in the wilderness he becomes friends with a wolf he names 'Silver'. Rancher John Rockwell has a problem with wolfs killing his livestock and wants to hunt Silver down.

Sometimes it must be an actor's dream to travel across the country and make films in the most beautiful places on earth. At least for viewer Silver Wolf offers amazing outdoor scenery whether it was deep down in the forest or high over the mountains and I'm sure actors enjoyed it immensly as well.

While the story alone offers nothing new, it's still a warm and welcome experience that has something to give for the whole family. It's basically a coming out of age tale, as Jesse finds comfort and a soulmate in the wolf and forms a bond with it. Of course there's a girl involved too as these type of films tend to have.

Michael plays against his normal type of character which is very welcome. Roy Mclean is a forest ranger who loves the nature and lives off of it. A bit of hermit but with his heart in the right place, he accommodates Jesse and understands this. As far as Michael's performance goes, he's in top form and brings depth to the story. For a 'tough guy Michael Biehn fan' it might be hard to see him changing guns to sallad bowls, but it works. Recommended viewing. 

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Distributor York Home Video
Manga Films
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Audio 2.0 english
2.0 spanish, 2.0 english
2.0 english
Subtitles -
Special Features -
  • Selected filmographies (in spanish!)
Packaging Keep Case
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