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Genre: Thriller

Year: 1995

Run Time: NTSC 92min/PAL 96min (Reported lenghts, in reality NTSC runs longer)

Director: Gilles Carle

Cast: Michael Biehn, Alexandra Vandernoot, Gabriel Arcand

Yan Thoreau, a Metis trapper, and his wife, Marie, live in the Canadian wilderness near Hudson Bay just after the turn of the century. Thoreau is framed for murder by a sinister young man, who arrives at the nearby settlement in the guise of a Mountie, and sets off to bring Thoreau to "justice". (source: imdb, written by Marg Baskin)

Distributor/Studio: Rainbow

Video: 1.33:1 (4:3)

Audio: 2.0 english

Subtitles: none

Special Features: -

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