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Genre: Scifi/Action/Catastrophy

Year: 1997

Run Time: NTSC 120min/PAL 122min (Cut from it's original run time of somewhere around 3 hours. No confirmed info as why the PAL version has been stated longer, cut is the same.)

Director: Bradford May

Cast: Michael Biehn, Annabella Sciorra

With the discovery of an incoming asteroid, the government of America formulate a plan to destroy it. When the plan fails, all the world can do is wait. The main impact zone is revealed to be Dallas, Texas. Generally, the plot follows the lives and reactions of several characters: an astronomer, her father, her son, two firefighters from Kansas, two young doctors in Dallas and the heads of the government agency in charge of the situation. (source: imdb, written by P. Wong)

Asteroid came out in the same vein with two other late 90's 'disaster from outer space' flicks Deep impact and Armageddon. While the two were big budget movies, Asteroid was essentially a TV-production. And unfortunately it shows a little.

The version I've seen is the two hour version released on DVD. Obviously it was deemed to be long and lacking punch so it was cut down and all the character development was left out. Bummer, huh? This causes the story to move on abruptly and it can be divided to two main happenings. First hour consists of destruction and mayhem while the second is about survival after the collision.

I don't wanna sound negative. I like a good scifi/disaster flick when I see it. Asteroid has all the elements of nice entertainment but it suffers from minimal character development, a few wrong turns in the story and bad special effects by today's standards (Yes, I know it won emmy award for the special effects). It's a film I desperately want to like yet I can't take my eyes away from the problems. And that's a bummer. Maybe one day I'll see the whole cut as it was meant to be seen.

Michael Biehn plays the main character, FEMA Director Jack Wallach. What first got my attention was how implausible the character was. FEMA Director jumping from another danger to another? Then I thought: "Well, the film is about an asteroid that's gonna' hit the earth. In real life, it has happened before. Maybe this thing is no bullshit at all!" Anyways... I read that Michael agreed to do the film if his character was fleshed out more. While we do get to know Jack a little (he's a lonely guy and work is important for him), we're left wanting more.



Distributor Lions Gate
Aspect Ratio 1:33:1 (fullscreen)
1:33:1 (fullscreen)
Audio english
5.1 english
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