Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK


Genre: adventure/action

Year: 2002-2003

Seasons: 1, with 22 episodes

Cast: Michael Biehn, Karen Cliche, Jesse Nilsson

No risk is too big for Judson Cross and his team, Adventure inc., as they search for treasures, fame and glory all around the world.

Adventure Inc. is ok. It's just ok. It's a nice way to spent your time when you have nothing to do and while none of the episodes won't challenge you or get your feelings high, it keeps you entertained. And while I don't think it's the best television series that ever aired it's still kinda sad it ended after the first season. There would've been a lot more potential and source material to keep this series going. But no. Not enough viewers I guess and then there was the unfortunate death of Jesse Nilsson who will be missed.

Michael has practically done three series in his life (Mag 7 & Hawaii) and all of these have suffered a fast yet painful death. Mag 7 went on for two seasons and Hawaii was cancelled in the middle of first season after 7 episodes had aired. There are a lot of worse series out there that have ran for multiple seasons. A sign that TV business, like movie business, is unfair sometimes.

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