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 Thoughts On The Passing Decade
29.12.2009 13:23 | JJ

Another decade is passing in the world and while it may be a good idea to turn our eyes in the future I think it's also a great moment to memorize what happened in the past. Here's my summary on what was left in the hand of these past ten years for us fans of Michael Biehn.

It's been a good ten years. Some people might be dissappointed with the movies Michael has done but I know I've had a great time. Planet Terror was the big thing that really gained Michael some more attention again but I could easily point out a few other great movies and roles he did. The Art Of War was great movie that had Michael in a powerful bad guy role. Biehn's Asian debut, Dragon Squad delivered the action and visuals despite a convoluted storyline. The Insatiable took a new approach on the vampire theme and had Michael in a bit different, yet intense role.

After Planet Terror Michael took roles in numerous movies but the fact is that some of Michael's latest movies have taken and are still taking painfully long to come out. Take a little title called You Are Here or as it's now called, Spin for example. Filmed somewhere around 2005, this was the movie Michael mentioned himself "having a good chance at getting shown in festivals"*. Maybe it got a few showings but since then this movie has hidden itself under a rock. Personally I've never expected it to be anything special because of how the plot sounds but still, it would be nice to see it. So what's the hold up? Distribution problems? Who knows. 'Where Are You?' would be a more fitting title. A small trailer available here:

The best news that has arrived lately is that Psych 9 is finally after three years of production getting a theatrical release. When meeting Michael at Gothenburg earlier this year, he was doubtful about the chances of seeing this flick from a theater seat. Now it's possible in The UK (February 6th, 2010) and hopefully around the world later on. I'm just glad to hear something about Psych 9 as it has been a quiet couple years with little if any news about it.

Michael Biehn hunts a killer in Psych 9

The decade also had it's missed opportunities. Around the time that Planet Terror arrived in theaters, the rumors of Michael having a role in James Cameron's Avatar came out. Despite of having a couple of meetings with Cameron regarding the film, Michael himself has now stated that he was never attached to any role in the movie. Surely he was considered by Cameron who then decided after all ready having Sigourney Weaver on board, that he didn't want to make it look like Aliens again. So the role of Quaritch that absolutely screamed for the name of Biehn was given to Tombstone's Ike Clanton. Stephen Lang is without a doubt a good choice for the role but after having seen the success that Avatar is receiving I can't deny feeling a bit bitter. A feeling that I'm sure is shared by many fans of Michael Biehn.

So life is cruel but it also goes on, right? Somewhere in the future Michael's latest movie, The Blood Bond awaits us. A movie which gave him a chance to fulfil a dream that has for long existed. Directing. We're all happy for Michael and hopefully during the next year, we'll get to see the outcome.

Wishing you all a happy new year, this is JJ signing off in order to be well prepared for the partying.

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 Meeting Michael Biehn: Extended Cut
05.06.2009 17:39 | -JJ

Does the time ever fly by? It's actually been over six months since my last blog post. I decided, this time I better have some good (really?) stuff for you. I present you the story of how I found Michael Biehn and also how I had the pleasure to meet him early this year at Gothenburg, Sweden.


Six Years. It's been Six Years of no-holds-barrel Michael Biehn raving that at some point propably drove some of my close relatives & friends to question my sanity. On a second thought, without even knowing it, I've been a Michael Biehn fan for over 15 years. Ever since I saw Aliens for the first time. Peeking behind the couch that was.

I guess it was back in 2002 when I revisited Aliens on a DVD borrowed by a friend and for the first time really paid attention to the actors playing the roles. Cpl. Hicks had always been my favourite character in the movie, the quiet hero that takes control of the situation when shit hits the fan. I was so impressed by Michael's acting that I decided to look further into his career. I went and bought The Abyss and in short time I learned to imitate all his lines in that movie. That's how amazed I was by his portrayal of Lt. Coffey. Whenever I got the time, I'd slip that Abyss DVD into the player and view some great MB1) sequences. And if I ever viewed that movie with other people, I probably spoiled the experience by shouting out Michael's lines so my deepest apologies for doing that.

Anyways, pretty soon I was introducing myself to a bunch of MB flicks. K2, The Terminator (Can't believe I never saw this before, It was always the sequel), Tombstone, The Rock (a movie I had seen before but again, never paid attention to actors), Seventh Sign and so forth. I began an extensive search for his movies on DVD and was building my collection with lightspeed. If a movie wasn't available on DVD, I would always find a crappy VHS that would subsitute it temporary. So at this point things got serious, folks.

I registered with IMDB in 2003 and became a regular at the Michael Biehn messageboard there. A year later I became one of the many members at The Official Michael Biehn Fan Club. A site that has since dissappeared from the face of the earth but one that served as a great source of information as the owner had a direct link with Michael Biehn. Michael would visit the messageboard himself and even a couple of podcasts were done in which Michael would tell us about his movie projects. At one point there were even talks about a possible fan meeting at Burbank, CA but to this date it hasn't seen the light of day.

Then, abruptly in early 2007 (Can't be sure about the dates so hang me) the site got taken over by hackers and the blooming society at TOMBFC2) slowly but securely died. I believe those years between 2004 - 2007 were some of the best for the fans of Michael Biehn. But all good things come to a halt at some point. What followed could be called an 'immigration' back to IMDB. I was afraid that the good community we had would forever be lost but I'm happy to see we're still very much alive. It's been great to see MB around as well although recently things at the IMDB messageboard have taken a turn for the worse.

So by now you're propably feeling pretty pissed about my babbling. " I was promised a meeting. Get to that god damn meeting already!" Don't worry, I will. I just felt the need to tell a 'bit' about my backround as a fan.

In december 2008 it was announced that Michael and Jennifer Blanc would attend the 'Scandinavian scifi game and movie convention' at Gothenburg, Sweden. The dates were 7th-8th march, 2009. You could say the moment that I had been waiting for was knocking at my door. I began preparations immediately and although it was a risky business (They might have cancelled) I remained hopeful. After a long waiting, 6th march had finally come and I was on my way to Gothenburg. I kept telling myself not to screw this trip or I might never meet him. I didn't screw up. Then the next day, I met him.

I was nervous. Not in an uncontrollable way but nervous. Here was this person that I had been a fan of for quite a while and I just couldn't believe my eyes. I will never forget the moment I saw him 'in live' for the first time. "Geez, It's the man himself!!" That moment was burned into my mind in a "microsecond". Anyways, after a few minutes of gathering my courage I went into the line and got my Abyss DVD signed. DVD that I later almost lost. At one point I stopped to tie my shoe laces, put the Abyss DVD on a desk next to me and once I was done with those shoe ties I just walked away. A minute later I noticed something was missing. "That's it", I thought. "You fool. Somebody must of taken the DVD by now." Luckily it was still there were I left it, but boy was I close to make an unforgivable mistake.

During those two days that I was there, I got to ask Michael a bunch of questions. Afterwards I kinda feel stupid for stalking him like that but I couldn't resist myself. So I'm sorry, Mike. "It's a chance of a lifetime, H", remember?. You can see a video clip at my news section but here's something else we talked about. I won't be quoting him as I can't remember his exact words, but here's how he felt

About the situation at IMDB messageboard

He mentioned that at first it was fun being around when people would guess if the user 'mcb756' was really him. We bombed him with questions and he was really having a great time. But then things took a bad turn as some users began messing around with his personal life. So he's taken some distance but mentioned he's still very active reading our posts.

When I asked him about his next job

He said, at that time, he was looking for a job. Financial crisis was making it tough for the actors and big studios were firing people. Again, he felt confident that Obama will change the course.

When I asked about Psych:9 

He had no idea what was going on with this movie (BTW, sources at IMDB claim it's coming to DVD in october). He felt the movie wasn't good enough to make it into theaters but he was expecting it on DVD already. He also mentioned that while he didn't care about the movie, he did like himself in it (With that funny smile in his face).

About a movie he was suppose to do, Mercy House

He didn't get paid. So for now that project is in ice. But it might still happen.

About the 50th birthday card we sent him in 2006

He recieved it and simply put, liked it very much.

That's about it. I'm trying hard to refresh my memory in the case I've forgotten something important. If I have, I think I'll just put it up in my 10th Anniversary Edition.

To sum up my thoughts on Michael Biehn, I'd say there's just a certain element I've always liked about his acting and working principles. He always puts down his 100% for the role, no matter what the quality is in the project. I mean let's face it, not all of his movies are good. There are stinkers in his filmography (Chain *cough* of *cough* Command) but even then he brings in his intensity and natural acting he's well known for. He's not too picky about the roles either and I can fully understand him. You'll have to get that bread into the table from somewhere. As a person, based on my meeting, he's a very nice guy. I guess he handles himself as an actor working in the film business, not as a celebrity working in the film business. Anyways, Keep up the good work Michael.

So, dear reader. I hope you enjoyed my little story and... I'll see you around.

Signing off the last survivor of this writing error ridden story,
JJ aka Jarkantt aka Dj Freak

1) Michael Biehn
2) The Official Michael Biehn Fan Club

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 What's Up?
06.12.2008 13:53 | JJ

Whoah... It's been a while hasn't it?

Well, it's also been a while since Biehn's last post at imdb messageboard until recently he mentioned "I believe I will be working with a very talented person very soon". Get that? Let me quote him again: "I believe I will be working with a very talented person very soon." Yes sir, I'm feeling pretty good about this one!

What else? A couple weeks ago he was in Germany attending some convention and he'll be guest starring early next year in the TV-series Criminal Minds. Also, Stiletto's DVD release date has been corrected to be march 3rd, 2009 and is now available for pre-order at Amazon. So what the hell are you still doing on this site?!

Well you might as well read to the end. At the moment there's still no information about when Psych:9, You Are Here and Young Americans might be coming out but I'll let you know when I know.

So bye for now,

( Updated: 05.06.2009 18:34 )

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30.09.2008 11:22 | JJ


Got a few things to tell you.

First, I recently updated the filmography section basically by adding a lot of new links to sites were you can buy Michael Biehn's work. It's not finished, but it's getting there.

Also, Michael will be attending 'Rock and Shock 2008' convention in Massachusetts on october 10-12th. Here's a video about the event:

Be sure to check it out.

( Updated: 30.09.2008 11:29 )

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 Stiletto's DVD release date confirmed; 02/03/2009
24.09.2008 21:12 | JJ

Hello people,

Stiletto which stars Michael in one of the main roles will be available, hopefully, on dvd in february 3rd, 2009. Shame it's taking so long but the comments on the movie have been positive so let's just wait and keep our fingers crossed. 'First Look Studios' is distributing Stiletto in USA but for reasons unknown the link to the news of Stiletto's release doesn't work anymore. Weird, huh?

Talk to ya' soon,

( Updated: 24.09.2008 21:29 )

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