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MICHAEL BIEHN is an american actor born in 1956. He began acting in the late 70's but first gained notice as the obsessive titular character in The Fan (1981). Shooting the film was a horrific experience for Biehn who practically lost interest in acting for two years until returning to the bad guy suit in Franc Roddam's The Lords Of Discipline (1983). It was Biehn's first appearance together with fellow actor Bill Paxton with whom he'd later re-team for four more movies; The Terminator (1984), Aliens(1986), Navy Seals(1990) and Tombstone (1993).

The Terminator became Biehn's major breakthrough. In the Film, which was directed by then unknown James Cameron, Biehn stars as a soldier send back in time to save the mother (Linda Hamilton) of human resistance leader in the future from a dangerous cyborg, a terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger).  Blending scifi and action in an innovative style, The Terminator became an instant classic. Two years later Biehn continued his fruitful collaboration with Cameron in Aliens, playing a coolheaded marine and strengthening his status as an action hero. In the duo's third collaboration, The Abyss (1989), Biehn plays a totally different kind of character who goes crazy underwater. The role of Lt. Coffey was close to get him an oscar nomination. To this date, despite of several opportunities, Biehn's small cameo in Terminator 2 (1991) remains as the last time he and Cameron have worked together.

Michael Biehn's character Sgt. Kyle Reese from The Terminator was used as a model for the character Snake in Konami's first 'Metal Gear' - game back in 1987. Time will show if Biehn makes an appearance in the upcoming movie scheduled for 2009.

Biehn's other notable 80's roles include Dr. Charles Raynor in the two-part miniseries Deadly Intentions (1985) and Liberal District Attourney Anthony Fraser in William Friedkin's Rampage (1988).

The early 90's saw Biehn taking lead roles in projects that were more or less unsuccessful. He popped back to the limelights with his creepy portrayal of Johnny Ringo in George P. Cosmatos' western flick Tombstone and in 1996 he returned to the kind of role he seems to be most trusted to do; playing a navy seal officer, Commander Anderson, in the hit movie The Rock.

That film ended up being his last big project for quite a long time. He did star as Chris Larabee in the very popular TV-series Magnificent Seven (1998-2000) but many considered him to have fallen into obscurity. That was until 2006 when the news of him starring in Robert Rodriguez' Planet Terror caused a buzz around the internet as fans all around the world welcomed him back to the stardom. And now, the word has it, he's got some new stuff coming out of then oven. As he'd probably put it: "Now all we need is a deck of cards."

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