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Hi all biehniacs, we're currently moving to a new address:

As always, everything's under construction but I'm hoping that this time I can get something finished. The road is long and rocky...

Please have a look at the new site. Most of the links don't work but a few first movies in the filmography section are viewable. This original biehnondvd website will stay online until I'm finished with new one, so you don't have to worry about not being able to visit here. 



Hello, and welcome.

'Biehn On DVD' is a site that contains information about the DVD releases of the movies that feature actor Michael Biehn. Information was the key idea when the work began on this site. Not only to offer information about the best releases but also general stuff that some of you might find interesting. That means comments, news, biography & filmography sections and so forth. I'm doing my best to keep it up to date but admittedly, sometimes I tend to get sloppy. So don't sweat it. But Please, take a look around and enjoy your stay.


Feedback is always welcomed so feel free to write to the guestbook or send me email directly at: anttilajj(at)gmail(dot)com



Additional Notes::


This is an unofficial site that has no actual connection with actor Michael Biehn. No profit is being made out of the content on this site and it's purely for the enjoyment of the fans. Please do not use material featured here elsewhere without contacting me first at: anttilajj(at)gmail(dot)com



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