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Name: Braxtonpugh

14.05.2018 12:29
Hi everybody,
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Name: Blakebaker
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12.04.2018 17:07
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Name: Joku

27.03.2013 07:33
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Name: ♥ Olivia 23 ♥

25.04.2012 21:56
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Name: Byron

20.03.2011 22:40

Name: Andy

14.01.2011 18:32
About Cherry Falls - Filmax DVD.
Running time - 87:44 (PAL). So "uncut", "100 mins" - false advertizement.

Name: sue

06.07.2010 01:09
at long last an up to date site for micheal please keep it running

Name: NejwiSils

06.11.2009 19:52
Just wanted to let you know I linked your page at my Michael Biehn resource site. Keep up your good work! Cheers :)

Name: JJ

14.07.2009 10:30
Hi MadmanMARZ,
The time does fly by. It almost feels like yesterday when we were at Gothenburg. And It's a strange thing about Bereavement. Someone recently replied at IMDB that the movie went through series of reshots and that's why it isn't out yet. I'm looking forward to it as it's also my nr1 must see!
By the Way, Were you aware that Streets Of Blood is already out on DVD in Scandinavia? It's an ok movie with a good performance by Michael so check it out if you haven't already.

Name: MadmanMARZ

11.07.2009 18:45
Cant believe that 4 months has past since we met MB in Gothenburg...
I´m still waiting for Bereavement:Malevolence 2 arriving as I really loved the first movie and now the second one has an added (or two)bonus (es) with MB and his lady ms Blanc in the cast... The trailer from it looks awsome and this is my nr 1 must see.
Wonder when it will arrive on DVD

Name: MadmanMARZ

13.03.2009 23:30
Hi and nice chittchatting with you in Gothenburg...
Cool site as it is very formative about all Biehns movies

Name: JJ

11.03.2009 20:35
Omg, It's Tigraph :D

Name: tigraph

11.03.2009 19:35
"sniffed something, did u ratboy?" nice sites ur having here. keep it coming m8.

Name: JJ

11.03.2009 13:30
A catalogue of available blu-rays would definately be helpful. Myself I'm very much tied to dvds now but if you have the time and interest to work on that, I would very much appreciate it. Your name/nickname would of course be credited :) Let me know what you think about this (anttilajj(at)gmail(dot)com

Name: MovieSwede

10.03.2009 10:53
Do you want help on writing about Micheal Biehns Blurays?

Name: JJ

10.03.2009 10:42
Thank you for you kind words, MovieSwede. The site is still very much under construction.

Name: MovieSwede

09.03.2009 22:43
Hi nice site, hope I become a regular guest here.

Name: MovieSwede

09.03.2009 22:02
Hi nice site, hope I become a regular guest here.

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