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Genre: Western

Year: 1993

Run Time (Theatrical Edition): NTSC 130min/ PAL 125min

Run Time (Director's Cut): NTSC 134min/ PAL- no release

Director: George P. Cosmatos

Cast: Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn

The famous peacekeeper Wyatt Earp leaves his post in Kansas to start normal life in the recently founded city of Tombstone. His brothers with their families follow with him and unbeknowst to Wyatt, his old friend Doc Holliday has also stopped at Tombstone for the joy of gambling. They soon find themselves in a trouble with the local gang of outlaws called 'Cowboys'. The Earps are looking for a peaceful life but if they're gonna make a living in Tombstone, there must be order in town.

I rarely watch westerns and when I do it has to be with a good reason. Maybe it's because westerns are an  american thing; it's not something that happened in my country. Maybe if I started watching these more, I might grow a bigger interest in westerns. Dunno. What I do know is that Tombstone rocked my world.

If you'd have to count five 'must see' Biehn-movies, Tombstone would be on that list. I don't think Michael has ever been around such an impressive cast. Maybe in 'The Rock' but that's it. You scroll down the list for example in IMDb and you'll see what I mean. Alongside the above mentioned names there are such actors as Stephen Lang, Thomas Hayden Church, Jason Priestley, Terry O'Quinn, Michael Rooker and even Charlton Heston in a small role. All very well known actors. Add to that mix director George P. Cosmatos (R.I.P.) with his passion for westerns and you have a winner sauce. The story is good with very witty lines & twists and it's all done, what I believe to be in a good western tradition. Don't miss your Tombstone.

Johnny Ringo is one of the best, if not the best performance by Michael. He really has this western bad guy look to him. Maybe it's the mustache he wears like in The Abyss.

Ringo is a cold person, almost a psycopath who fears nothing and no one. He's educated but also a borderline case who can snap at any point and only lives to cause mayhem around him. He can never find satisfaction. And Michael brings this character alive in a way only he can. In one phrase; He's excellent. The Confrontations between Biehn's and Kilmer's characters are the best part about the Movie. Ringo becomes one of those interesting characters that you'd like to know more about. What drives him to do the things he does? Again, one of the best performance in Biehn's career.

Rating 7.7/10


Distributor Buena Vista
Video 2.35:1
Audio english 5.1 DTS/DD


english HOH, spanish, french
Special Features
  • Commentary by George P. Cosmatos
  • 'Making of Tombstone' documentary, Approx. 27min
  • Tombstone Timeline
  • The Tombstone Epitah - Actual newspaper account
  • Collectible Tombstone map
  • DVD-rom: Faro at the oriental
  • Trailers & TV-spots
Packaging Digipack with slipcase


This DVD released in 2002 by Buena Vista is the only right way to own this movie. It includes the couple of minutes longer director's cut and a full bucket of extras. Michael is interviewed in the documentary and he makes interesting notes about the story and his character. The DVD package itself is impressive; 2-disc digipack with a slipcase. 

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