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The Terminator

Genre: Action/Science fiction

Year: 1984

Run Time: NTSC 108min/PAL 103min

Director: James Cameron

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Paul Winfield

A terminator is sent from the future to kill the mother of the human resistance leader in a war against machines. The human resistance sends their own man to protect her from the terminator. Now the battle for the future is fought in Los Angeles, in the year 1984.

One of the few science fiction movies that's effect has continued along the years in the form of two sequels and third on the way. Heralded as a classic, this is the movie that put Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron on the world map. Too bad it wasn't quite enough for a third guy.

This is still amazing piece of work. Higly original idea (of which Cameron had a vision while recovering from a fever in Rome, Italy) and great storytelling were enough to cover the limitations in the budget. Stan Winston (R.I.P. Mr. Winston, you'll be missed) shows us his great abilites with the special effects despite the fact some of them look very dated by today's standards. This was a great start for a bunch of people. Now if you still haven't seen The Terminator, it's time for you to set things right. Because the future is not set... Do you understand? Do you understand!?

"I came across the time for You Sarah... I love you, I always have."

There's a certain depth in the character of Reese that Michael has never reached since. The guy comes from a bleak future where there's just one goal; to fight for survival.  There's no time for love, free time or laughter in that world. Michael is able to convince us of that, not only with words but expressions also. This role should've meant a lot more to Biehn's career than what it eventually did. He followed this with another hero performance in Aliens securing his place as the action hero of the 80's. Forget about Schwarzenegger and Stallone. He's the real deal.

Rating 8.1/10


Distributor/Studio: MGM

Video: 1.85:1

Audio: 5.1 DD english, 2.0 czech, 2.0 polish

Subtiles: english HoH, swedish, finnish, danish, norwegian, greek, czech

Special Features:

  • Documentary "Unstoppable Force: The Legacy of The Terminator"
  • Documentary "The Terminator: Closer To The Real Thing"
  • Documentary "The Terminator: A Retrospective"
  • Deleted scenes with commentary by Director James Cameron
  • Documentary "Other Voices"
  • Art gallery
  • Screenplay versions: Treatment, 4th Draft ja Final Shooting Script (DVD-Rom)
  • Trailers & TV-spots

What makes this UK-release so special is once again it's packaging. It comes in a very cool Tin case (or as it's better known; Steelbook). What it unfortunately lacks is the 8page booklet available in many other Special Edition releases. Michael is featured in the documentaries and also has a couple of deleted scenes.

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