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Genre: Thriller/horror

Year: 1988

Run Time: NTSC 97min/PAL 93min

Director: Carl Schultz

Cast: Demi Moore, Jurgen Prochnow, Michael Biehn

Sings of the apocalypse are nearing when mysterious events take place around the world. Abby Quinn (Moore) is pregnant and she and her husband (Biehn) are anxiously waiting for the baby. When a mysterious stranger, David (Prochnow), appears into their lives, things take a turn for the worse when Abby thinks her baby is threatened by David. Unbeknowst to her, there's something bigger at work.

Apocalyptic movies always get my attention. End of the world is a theme that makes me unease and while The Seventh Sign never quite scared me to death, it had several interesting things going for it.

First things first. Jurgen Prochnow. At first it seems a bit unfitting that Prochnow, who speaks with german accent, would be given the role he is given here. But then again, whoever said that the person Prochnow plays here would be american? My point is, he's pretty damn good here. He hits all the right notes. Perfect expressions and lines delivered with perfect timing. Demi Moore is the star of the piece, but my attention was always caught by Prochnow & Biehn.

I think the story unfolds in a nice way. The clues are thrown at us piece by piece and at the end, it all connects. The Seventh Sign is a nice way to spend an hour and a half. While not spectacular, it's a very good addition to the growing list of movies that center on the end of the world. 

In a way the role of Russell Quinn always strikes me as a waste of Biehn's abilities. He has decent screen time but his role feels meaningless. Most of the time it's a role anyone could play. I was left wanting more. The good thing is, it's one of those 80's movies in Michael's career where he wasn't carrying a gun. Michael portrays Russell as a caring husband and at the end he reminds us what a good actor he is. The ending is a tear jerker.

Rating 5.8/10


Region (two-sided flipper disc)

Distributor Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Audio 2.0 english, 2.0 french 2.0 english, 2.0 french, 2.0 spanish, 2.0 german, 2.0 italian
Subtitles english, french english, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Icelandic, nb, Swedish, he, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Finnish, Czech, Greek
Special Features -
  • Theatrical trailers
  • trailers: 'About last night' & 'Mortal Thoughts'
  • Filmographies
Packaging Keep Case
Keep Case

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