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Genre: Action

Year: 1996

Run Time: NTSC 136min/ PAL 131min

Director: Michael Bay

Cast: Sean Connery, Nicholas Gage, Ed Harris, David Morse, Michael Biehn

A group of U.S. marines, led by General Hummel (Harris), take over biological weapons and thred the city of San Fransisco from the former prison island of Alcatraz. Navy SEALs are sent in to recover the missiles, with the help of an FBI biological weapons specialist (Gage) and a former inhabitant of the prison, John Mason (Connery).

The Rock is propably the biggest action blockbuster of the 90's. It has it all. The action rocks, the cast rocks, the music rocks. I truly can't come up with anything bad to say. When you're in the mood for smooth and atmospheric action movie, don't look any further. You can't go wrong with this one. There's nothing cooler than watching Ed Harris and Michael Biehn yelling at each other.

Michael nails the portrayal of Commander Anderson. I don't think there's another choice when you're thinking about casting a Navy SEAL commander. His scene with Ed Harris gives me the chills everytime I see it. The Rock stands in Biehn's career as one of those movies that, although his role is rather small, it's very memorable nonetheless. It's also the last true hit Michael did in almost 10 years.

Rating 7.2/10


Region (Criterion Collection)

Distributor Walt Disney Video

Aspect Ratio 2.35:1

Audio 5.1 DTS english

Subtitles english

Special Features
  • Audio commentary by Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Nicholas Gage, Ed Harris and Harry Humphries
  • Introduction by Michael Bay
  • Production secrets:

-On the range with navy seals

-Dos and don'ts of Hollywood gunplay

-The Rock on 'Movie magic'

-Special effects: The dive sequence

  • Theatrical trailer
  • TV-spots
  • The Rock premiere on Alcatraz
  • Stills archive
  • Outtakes
  • Secrets of Alcatraz
  • Interview with Jerry Bruckheimer

Packaging Special Case

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