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Genre: thriller/drama

Year: 1983

Run Time: NTSC 102min/PAL 98min

Director: Franc Roddam

Cast: David Keith, Robert Prosky, G.D. Spradlin, Barbara Babcock, Michael Biehn

 A last year student, Will is given a special job when the first black student is accepted into the military academy. He is to keep an eye for possible racism and report if something comes up. Something does come up in the form of 'The Ten', a mythical group dedicated to smoke unwanted persons out of the academy. Along with his few friends, Will tries to find out just exactly who is behind 'The Ten' and makes startling discoveries.

The Lords of Discipline sports some nice military drama and battles a few issues in the american history. Especially racism. After all, the movie takes place in the 60's. It held my interest but perhaps the most interesting thing about this movie had nothing to do with the movie itself.

It's the cast that really hits you in the eye. Look at the line-up of all these upcoming stars who would have their moments in the film business but never really became big stars. You got David Keith (U-571), Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton (Aliens, Predator 2), Rick Rossovich ( The Terminator, Navy Seals) Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop-movies) and even William Hope(Aliens, Hellbound:Hellraiser II) and Matt Frewer (The Stand and bunch of others King-adaptions) pop up. In a way it's just great fun to see these people in their early roles. And they all succeed pretty well in their varying roles although I must say Bill Paxton was rather annoying. He's playing Bill Paxton again, If you know what I mean. That's crazy, overtly energetic and yelling obsenities at people. But it's an early role. If you've seen him for example in Frailty (2001) you know the guy can act.

Maybe it's a bit far fetched but Biehn's portrayal of Alexander reminded me of Johnny Ringo in Tombstone. A lot of the time he's staying in the backround again, just quietly watching as others do the bullying. Michael has a decent amount of screen time and towards the end he really emerges as the leader of The Ten. Alexander comes out as a down right evil and plotting little bastard. You really hate him, which means, Michael is successful.

Having never read Pat Conroy's novel I can't say how faithful this is to the book but those wo have, often dislike it. That's the way it always seems to be with adaptions. In my opinion, this movie was good and not afraid to show the dark sides of human nature and moral.

Rating 6.5/10

Distributor Paramount Paramount
Video 1.78:1 1.78:1
  • 1.0 english
  • 1.0 french
Subtitles english english
Special Features - -
Packaging Keep Case Keep Case



Very basic releases in both regions but at least they're available. But no extras. Nada.

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