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Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2006

Run Time: NTSC 103min

Director(s):  Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon

Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Charlotte Ayanna, Michael Biehn

According to his pals at work, Harry Balbo (Flanery) has no life. That all changes when walking down the alley he stumbles upon a beautiful female vampire (Ayanna) while this is feeding. Unnable to get her out of his mind, He asks for the help of a vampire hunter (Biehn) in order to kill her. The problem is that instead of killing her, Balbo keeps her alive in a gage believing he can change her.

It's always nice to see a movie that takes a washed up theme and gives it a whole new spin. The Insatiable deals with vampires, an old thing as such, but Konzelman and Solomon are able to create a fresh experience with their combination of horror and love story. The horror actually plays a second fiddle as it's Harry's quest for love and a new life that drives this movie. He's a loser who's bullied by co-workers and I think Flanery excels as Harry and makes him a very amusing guy to follow.  

Michael has a smaller role this time but It's physically very different as he's bounded to a wheelchair. Strickland was in Vietnam and saw his whole platoon slaughtered by a vampire. Ever since he's been hunting for these bloodsuckers. Harry approaches him and although Strickland hesitates whether or not Harry is ready to do what's necessary, he helps him. It's intense and a very cool performance by Michael and shows that you can give this guy any kind of role and he pulls it off.

These days it's refreshing to see a horror movie that actually puts more effort on the characters and story instead of filling the screen with blood and guts. That has sadly become the normal approach but Insatiable goes against it works just fine.

Rating 5.6/10


Distributor Thinkfilm/Velocity
Beyond Home Entertainment
Video 1.78:1 1.78:1
Audio english 5.1 english 2.0
Subtitles english HoH, spanish -
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Packaging Keep Case Keep Case



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