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Genre: Action

Year: 2000

Run Time: NTSC 117min / PAL 112min

Director: Christian Duguay

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, Donald Sutherland, Marie Matiko, Michael Biehn

A UN operative, Shaw (Wesley Snipes), has dedicated his life to maintain world peace and co-operation between nations. During a routine job, China's ambassador is shot while giving a speech at a dinner celebration and Shaw is held responsible. In order to clear his name and find the real killer, Shaw escapes and now has to work under the radar in order to evade FBI and Triad gangsters.


The Art of War is slowly, but securely making it's way into people's heart as years pass. It never quite succeeded with it's initial release but nowadays many consider it to be intelligent, entertaining and underrated action movie. I remember not liking it very much when I saw it for the first time but then I viewed it again and began thinking wow... there's a really good movie here.

At times it's relying a bit too much on Wesley Snipes (Which is understandable, after all this is a Wesley Snipes movie) but the twists in the plot maintain our interest. Action scenes are as cool as ever, the cinematography is pure eye candy and we got a little showdown at the end of the flick between Snipes and Biehn. This film is a winner.

"Considering your fragile condition... I think I can kick your ass."

Michael plays a small supporting role, yet very significant. He delivers here. We first see Bly as a pretty nice person and a good friend of Shaw, but it's all a setup as underneath Bly envies Shaw and wants to challenge this. Biehn's monologue at the end of the movie is amazing, naff said. Go see it.

Rating 5.5/10

Distributor Warner Home Video Roadshow Entertainment
Video 2.35:1 2.35:1
Audio english 5.1 english 5.1
Subtitles english english HoH
Special Features
  • Trailer
  • Cast & Crew Biographies
  • Theatrical trailer
  • "On the set" - Behind The Scenes (13min)
  • Cast & Crew Interviews
  • Cast & Crew Biographies
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  Michael is featured in both of the highlighted special features on R4 DVD.

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