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Genre: crime/comedy

Year: 1998

Run Time: NTSC 89min/ PAL 85min

Director: John Landis

Cast: Nastassja Kinski, Billy Zane, Michael Biehn, Rob Schneider, Dan Aykroyd

Susan (Nastassja Kinski) has a plan. A plan to get her ex-husband (Adrian Paul) dead, get his money and live happily ever after with his new boyfriend (Billy Zane). When a pair of brothers (Rob Schneider & Michael Biehn) fail to get the job done, it's up to a biker (Dan Aykroyd) to kill the ex-husband in the hospital where he's being taken care of because of the first attempt. But as the word spreads about Susan's plan, things get awfully complicated.

It's hard to gategorize Susan's Plan into a certain genre. At one moment it's dark humor very close to farce and the next there's a scene of extreme violence. It's a small movie and obviously intended as such by the director John Landis. The thing is, it has a strong cast and in a sense you'd hope they would try something bigger. Now it has this 'lets go out there, shoot a film and have fun while doing' -feel to it.

There's nothing special to the story. Funny scenes work out all right and at least give you smile but when drama and thriller elements suddenly step in, you're kinda lost not knowing what to think of it all. It becomes boring and doesn't fit. I think Landis is a good director (Werewolf in London, Masters Of Horror-series) but the way he constantly uses the dream sequence trick just becomes irritating. You'll know what I mean once you see it.

What about Michael then? it's rare to see him in a comedy but I think he should do a lot more since he has talent. It shows here. A very brave move to put him in a role that fights against his typical tough guy/hero roles. He plays Bill, who has a mind of a child and thinks a bit slow every now and then. I'm sure it's not exaggerating when I say that alongside Dan Aykroyd, Michael gave the best performance. I'm sure even a person who isn't biased would agree with me.

Susan's Plan is a solid entry in the 'comedy-thriller-mixup' -genre and for fans of Michael Biehn a rare chance to see him in a comic role.

Rating 5.1/10

R1 video information is yet to be confirmed. amazon for example claims it's widescreen but some sources say otherwise.



Distributor Full Moon Home Video
Cinema Club
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1??
1.33:1 (fullscreen)
Audio 2.0 english
2.0 english
Subtitles -
Special Features -
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  • featurette
  • cast & crew interviews
  • behind the scenes
Packaging Keep Case
Keep Case

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