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Genre: Action/Thriller

Year: 2009

Run Time: N/A

Director: Charles Winkler

Cast: Val Kilmer, 50 Cent, Sharon Stone, Michael Biehn

After Hurricane Katrina destroys New Orleans, the city is taken over by criminals. Drugs and sex sell and the local police department is forced to use excessive power in order to make the city safe again. After an undercover FBI agent is shot to death under questionable circumstances, the signs of law enforcement corruption attracts the attention of an FBI agent who commences an investigation on the department. By the end it's hard to tell who's clean and who's not.

Streets Of Blood is a crime movie but more specifically it deals with law enforcement corruption and teaches us that 'opportunity makes the thief' even when it's a cop we're talking about. The story brings this issue up clearly but unfortunately never really explores it. This one's about the action. Not that I mind a good shootout every now and then.

So the Story has it's problems (like what was the need for Stone's Character??) but it's a solid crime thriller with a good dose of guns & action thrown in. Winkler directs with routine (quick shots, sometimes a bit shaky camera movements to make you feel you're there seeing the action) and it feels like a good production.

It's certainly the best Michael has done since Grind House and I'm glad too see him working with Val Kilmer again, his old nemesis back in Tombstone (1993). I can happily assure you it's not a small role either (a la 'They Wait') but saying it's a starring role goes a bit too far. Nevertheless it's an important character and a good performance too. I don't wanna go into detail concerning his character but let's just say it's a slimy role. It may be a film that has Val Kilmer and 50 Cent in every second scene but it's also a film where Michael commands every time he's on screen. Have yourself a treat.

Region (28th July) Scandinavia
Distributor Starz/Anchor Bay Paramount
Video N/A 2.35:1
Audio N/A 5.1 english DD/DTS
Subtitles               -                                               finnish, danish, norwegian, swedish, icelandic
Special Features N/A previews
Packaging N/A Keep Case


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