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Genre: Action/Thriller

Year: 2008

Run Time: NTSC 104min (DVD Version, Original length 118min) / PAL 95min

Director: Nick Vallelonga

Cast: Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, Stana Katic, Paul Sloan, William Forsythe

Greek crime boss Virgil Vadalos (Berenger) is in trouble when his former lover, Raina (Katic), tries to kill him and almost succeeds. Raina is also killing his cohorts for reasons that puzzle Vadalos and as a result he gives a cop who's under his leash a job to bring Raina back to him. Is it about the money or is there a deeper meaning to her murderous acts?

I'm not a big fan of crime movies like this but Stiletto held my interest. You'd be easily fooled to think it's just another mob movie no different to others. While that's partially true, I still think there were some fresh approaches in this movie. It's stylish and has a good dose of violence for those seeking it. Everything's shown to you, whether it was cutting somebody's stomach or breaking a leg with a metal rod.

The story evolves nicely. The film is nearing the end when we start getting explanations and to that point the film has kept us nicely in it's grip. Twists in the story work OK and by the end we can identify with Raina who's just seeking revenge from those who have hurt her. Action scenes work mostly for the film's best. Unfortunately some of the action scenes feel forced, like that unnecessary gun fight at the club between Vadalos' gang and the other one. Felt like the film makers just wanted a little filler there.

Cast consists of impressive veterans like Berenger, Biehn and Forsythe and capable new faces like Katic and Sloan. They all give their best shots and help to create a competent action movie.Michael plays Lee, the former number 2 of Vadalos but now degraded to number 3 since his return from London. During the whole movie Lee is trying to work his way back to number 2 even so much that he exaggarates and tries too much. Quite frankly, Michael's character is a lot of fun. Overtly violent and absolutely crazy. Michael seems to be having fun with his character and I for one definately liked his role. While he's not the lead, he has a lot of screen time.

Rating 5.2/10



Region 02/04/2009
Distributor First Look Home Entertainment Paramount
Video 2.35:1 1.78:1
Audio 5.1 english 5.1 english
Subtitles english, spanish -
Special Features previews -
Packaging Keep Case Keep Case



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