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Genre: Crime/Thriller/Drama

Year: 1988

Run Time: NTSC 92min (Unconfirmed)/ PAL 97min

ATTENTION! Due to financial problems Rampage wasn't released in America until 1992. Friedkin changed the ending but european versions still have the original ending.

Director: William Friedkin

Cast: Michael Biehn, Alex McArthur, Deborah Van Valkenburgh

A young man, Charlie Reese (Alex McArthur) commits several murders for no specific reason except claiming he needed his victims' blood. Liberal District attourney Anthony Fraser (Michael Biehn) is given the job to proof that Charlie was aware of what he was doing and did it on purpose. What follows is a question of how is one stated as sane or insane?

I recently re-viewed Rampage with my swedish VHS and realized what a good movie it is. And thought what a shame it is that it's still without a DVD release. Had this movie come out in the US when Michael was still at the top who knows what might of happen to his career?

William Friedkin is highly respected director in the movie business and I'm sure it's for a reason. I never even viewed The Excorsist completely but if the man is worth an oscar (The French Connection) I think that tells something about his skills. In Rampage I have nothing but good words to say about his work.

Rampage battles a hard issue that's both questionable and interesting. When is someone, who's commited horrible murders, sane or insane. That's the big question I feel this movie carries. And while it gives no direct answer it gives you a lot food for thought. Rampage is an excellent choice when you're looking for something different.

I was very happy to see that Michael was casted as the lead in this movie. Not only was he working with another capable director but there's something else. You see the way I see it, Rampage is a very rare movie in Michael's career. Take a quick look at his oeuvre. He's done action, horror, thriller, crime, drama, you name it. But Rampage is a very, very intelligent and thought-provoking movie. Something that overall seems to be missing from his versatile career. Besides that, he really excels here. He morphed into attorney perfectly and was believable in his court scenes. There's one little problem though... his glasses. A bit too 80's pal, get rid of em'!

Rating 6.3/10

Distributor SPL
Video 1,33:1
  • 2.0 english
  • 2.0 polish
Subtitles polish (removable)
Special Features trailers
Packaging Keep Case


For a long time I've been under the impression that Rampage has never been released on dvd. Until recently. While I was searching for MB movies at ebay the other day, to my surprise I found Rampage for sale on DVD. At first I was doubtful about how legimate the release was but it appears to be official release. Here's a link to a site called Profondo Blogger where you can read a review of the release.

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