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Genre: action/horror/comedy

Year: 2007

Run Time (Grind House version): NTSC 95min

Run Time (Extended version): NTSC 105min/PAL 101min

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan, Marley Shelton, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis

A small town in Texas is in trouble when dangerous gas gets released into the air in a nearby military site. It turns it's victims into zombie-like creatures that prey on live humans and while all hell is loose, a group of survivors are trying to make their way into safety. 

This is the movie we expected to happen to Michael for over ten years. Or at least for those who were already fans of his back then, heh. Sometime around 2006 when Michael was still posting over at imdb he told us he was working on something interesting and big. With someone not quite a mainstream director. I dont think there had ever been so much buzz going on at Michaels messageboard when we were writing down our guesses. Or ever since for that matter. But it sure was fun. By autumn 2006 came the big news that Michael was part of Tarantino&Rodriguez project called Grind House. And that was big.    

and what a great experience Planet Terror was, or Grind House, depending on how you saw it. Ive seen both the extended single version of PT and also the complete Grindhouse version with Tarantinos Death Proof and the fake trailers. In their own way I liked them both. Extended version had more Michael and fun all around but you gotta love those fake trailers in the complete Grind House. But I really didnt care for Death Proof.   

Michael plays Sheriff Hague with an intensity I haven't seen from him in a while. He's one of the major characters and especially in the extended edition he has a couple of great lines. This is a movie no MB fan should miss.

Rating 7.6/10

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