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Genre: Drama/Romance

Year: 1996

Run Time: NTSC 95min/ PAL 92min

Director: Kevin Dowling

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Danny Aiello, Ann Archer, Michael Biehn

Ellie (Angelina Jolie) needs a ride home to Mojave Desert. He meets Al (Danny Aiello), a nice and harmful guy who thinks she's interested in him and offers to take her home. But crazy stuff is happening in the desert under the magical moon when Al finds himself to be in love with Ellie's mom, Julie (Anne Archer). An affair that Julie's psychotic boyfriend Boyd (Michael Biehn) is not so willing to accept.  

Normally I can't stand romance comedies but in the case of Mojave Moon there a certain dark edge to the comedy that's enough to make it worth sitting through. The characters are weird, what happens on screen is weird and it's this weird originality that keeps us hooked. Danny Aiello acts like he has no idea what he's doing or where he's going (fits the character perfectly) and the young Angelina Jolie gives a whacky and energetic performance as Ellie. And stealing the show, while he has time from smocking cigs with a flame thrower, is Michael Biehn.

Michael goes over the top as Boyd, the lunatic boyfriend of Julie (Anne Archer in a sweet role) whose relationship with her is threatened by Al. Boyd loves Julie and Ellie in his own twisted way and if he cannot have them, neither will anyone else. Boyd is unpredictable character who knows no limits and Michael is obviously having fun with it. I know I was.


Rating 5.3/10

Region                                         Netherlands               
Distributor Lions Gate N/A         Force Video
Video 1.33:1 1.33:1 1.33:1
Audio 2.0 english english DTS/5.1 2.0 english
Subtitles - dutch -
Special Features - - trailer
Packaging Keep Case Keep Case Keep Case




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