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Genre: Adventure/Thriller/Drama

Year: 1991

Run Time: NTSC 111min /PAL 106min

Director: Franc Roddam

Cast: Michael Biehn, Matt Craven

Taylor and Harold are good friends who share the same hobby; climbing. While preparing & practicing one day for a trip, they meet a wealthy businessman, Claiborne, who's attempting to climb K2, one of the world's most dangerous mountains. When two men of Claiborne's group are killed by an avalanche, they're replaced by Taylor and Harold. It will be the ultimate test of strength and spirit when another and another member of the team is unable to continue.

K2 is one of the first movies I got into my collection when I became a 'Biehniac' and while it's certainly not the best movie Michael has done, it's one of his better efforts. My initial feeling was disappointment when it wasn't the kind of action oriented thrill ride I expected but as years have passed I have began appreciate it more. K2 works a lot better as an adventure movie with breathtaking scenery and a little drama mixed in. And it has a good score by Hans Zimmer (The Rock)!

As Taylor Brooks, Michael is able to hit all the right notes. He creates a character that is selfish and arrogant but as we see at the end, very dissapointed in his own life that is full of lies. It really is a role that demands skills as first you have to make audience dislike you and then forgive you for the things you've done. Michael has a good chemistry with Matt Craven and while the friendship of their characters seems odd (very different personalities), they share the same goal: To reach high and feel more alive than ever. A bit different role for Michael since he's not really the good, nice guy but eventually he morphs into a man that is willing to put his life at risk for others.

Rating 5.9/10


Region UK
Distributor Cinema Club Future Film
Video 1.78:1 1.78:1
Audio 2.0 english 2.0 english
Subtitles - finnish, swedish, norwegian, danish
Special Features
  • trailer
  • 'making of' documentary (45min)
  • trailer
  • 'making of' documentary (45min)
  • cast & crew biographies
Packaging Keep Case Keep Case



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