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Genre: Drama/Romance

Year: 1988

Run Time: NTSC 92min/ PAL 88min

Director: Kenneth Bowser

Cast: Michael Biehn, Patrick Dempsey, Maureen Mueller, Michael Beach

When a physically and emotionally scarred soldier returns home from World War II, he mistakenly trusts a mysterious young drifter to deliver a secret love letter to his old sweetheart. (source: imdb)

In a Shallow Grave is a very 'hard to find' - type of movie. Not many people have seen it (117 votes in imdb; gives you an idea) and if you own it on VHS you should consider yourself lucky. I doubt we'll ever see it on DVD. Next thing I know someone says "But China Rose got released and that one's rare!"

In a Shallow Grave deals with issues that are rather sensitive even by todays standards. It has homo-erotic  tones that might put some viewers away but personally I didn't find it disturbing. It's a lovestory that could never exist. Three persons, each one loving the other and in the end no one gets what they're looking for. That's the way I see it going.

Michael plays the lead here and is able to bring out the pain Garnet Montrose carries within himself. Scarred by the war both physically and emotionally, he's never able to return to the life he used to have. He sticks to himself with two servants and avoids any social contacts except for one person; he's one true love, Georgina. But soon he's betrayed, or so he thinks, when he finds out Georgina is in love with someone else.

Michael is less intense here, very quiet and dissocial which just shows how little Montrose has passion for life left. It's really a role that demands acting skills and it's a shame that this movie is so rarely seen by the people. Like for example Rampage, it's really a movie that sticks out in Michael's career as something different.

The story has depth and it's interesting how it centers on four characters and there are only few moments when we actually see anyone else on screen. It's a risky business but the characters remain interesting all the way. In a Shallow Grave is a solid movie, not something that will blow you away, but essential Michael Biehn viewing I think.

Rating 6.1/10

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