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Genre: Thriller/Crime

Year: 1995

Run Time: NTSC 99min / PAL 95min

Director: Nick Vallelonga

Cast: Nick Vallelonga, William Petersen, Leo Rossi, Paul Winfield, Michael Biehn


When Al's brother Rudy is suspected of taking part in the killing of a mob boss' brother, he's forced to decide whether to help Rudy once again or stay true to the police force. And also be honest with his wife that wants him out of the police force once and for all.

The big letters that state MICHAEL BIEHN in the DVD front cover is a joke. it's a joke. The several reviews that I had read before finally seeing this film all mentioned that he's on screen for ten minutes tops. After years of self denial 'no it can't be!' I have finally witnessed this to be the truth. This is not spoiling a film, this is warning the viewer who's expecting Michael to kick some serious italo-mob-boss ass!. Ain't happening here, capisce?

Other than that, there's not much to be said about 'In the kingdom of the blind... etc. etc'. I was expecting a lot worse and in the end I'd say I was entertained. A very small film done with a small budget and each scene practically happening in 3 or 4 places. Paul Winfield pops up somewhere around 30 minutes into the movie and the future CSI guy William Petersen plays one of the keyroles in the movie.

So Michael's role as Jackie Ryan is actually a cameo. The film begins with his powerful monologue that seems out of place but perhaps sets the tone for the movie. 'I cannot save you'. I think he delivered his speech with craftmanship but after seeing him at the very beginning you're expecting him to appear again in the movie. Then you don't see him and instead you go on and think What just happened? Where did that Jackie Ryan character go? What was the meaning of this character? In any case, 'In the kingdom of the blind...' is for serious biehniacs only.

Rating 4.8/10

Michael would work with director Nick Vallelonga again in the much more competent crime movie Stiletto (2008), a movie which also deals with the world of mobs.       

Unfortunately,  very little information was available in the internet about the releases. It seems this movie has been released by several distributors in the U.S. Most likely every single release of 'The Kingdom..' is of average quality at best. Go and search at ebay!

Region (Double Feature)                                              
Distributor Front Row Entertainment Razor Arrow
Video N/A 1.33:1 N/A
Audio english english english
Subtitles N/A N/A N/A
Special Features N/A N/A N/A
Packaging Keep Case Keep Case Keep Case

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