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Genre: Action

Year: 1996

Run Time: NTSC 96min/ PAL 92min

Director: Charles Wilkinson

Cast: Michael Biehn, Leilani Sarelle, Matt Craven

Casey Woods (Biehn) is a small-time crook who gets a hold of a computer disk that contains important information for a drug cartel leader. Madeline Stone (Sarelle) is a detective undercover who's also interested in the disk and has to co-operate with Casey if they are to survive both slimy F.B.I. agents and the drug cartel that wants back what's theirs.

Not to be mixed up with David Cronenberg's weird thriller from the same year, Crash stars Michael in yet another action flick. The story lacks any originality but at least Crash has one advantage on it's side. The action scenes are slick and bullets fly by faster than you can go 'Bang!'. Add to that a few witty lines and you got yourself a nice little package. Just give your brains a rest, will you?

Crash has a pretty good cast lined up. There's Michael, of course, Leilani Sarelle Ferrer (Basic Instinct) and even Matt Craven (K2 & Crimson Tide) turns in a nice supporting role. That's not to say there aren't misses. Vladimir Kulich as Bracco for instance was pretty wooden and seriously failed delivering his lines.

Michael has done a bunch of films like this. While they don't challenge you, they entertain you. Casey is a rather interesting character though. There's no reason we should like a scumbag like him but inside he's just like one of us. He cares for Madeleine. We might not like what he does but we like what he is. Despite this little nuance it's still a role Biehn could sleepwalk through. 

Rating 5.2/10


Region Spain
Distributor Filmax Home Video Rainbow
Video 1.33:1 1.33:1
  • 2.0 spanish
  • 2.0 english
Subtitles spanish -
Special Features - -
Packaging Keep Case Keep Case



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