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Year: 2000

Genre: Action

Run Time: NTSC 96min/PAL 92min

Director: John Terlesky

Cast: Patrick Muldoon, Roy Scheider, Michael Biehn

Connelly, a secret service agent has a problem with president's weak moral and gets transferred to the football duty. The football is actually a briefcase that includes the abiltity of ordering a nuclear missiles launch. The football is in danger of falling into the wrong hands when unofficial negotiations with a chinese businessman take a bad turn.

Chain of command is one of those movies where the cover fools you big time. "Hey, it has Michael Biehn and Roy Scheider in it, so it can't be all bad, right? And Maria Conchita Alonso sounds very familiar, wasn't she in Running Man?"

I like the way Chain Of Command actually starts as a promising political thriller. Too bad it shortly after turns into an action movie we've witnessed too many times. The lonely hero, reluctant to be the one that saves the day, against a group of bad guys that aren't too well equipped with brain cells. But the biggest problem is; the action isn't even fun. It's like watching a very bad Die Hard-rip. And by the time 30 minutes have passed, you begin to wonder if it really mentioned Michael's name in the cover since he's nowhere to be seen. On the second thought, maybe that was all for the best. But let's talk about his performance.

Where would I start. Michael's role is on the smaller side and I felt the script gives him absolutely nothing to work with. As a result, he's unable to reach his normal level. Problem is with the production overall. Michael is a good example of how the filmmakers hire an actor with some fame only to give some credibility for the movie. So Michael pops up every now and then but it's not nearly enough.

Rating 4.8/10

Distributor Lions Gate
Video 1.85:1
Audio 2.0 english
Subtitles spanish
Special Features
  • Audio commentary by director John Terlesky and actor Patrick Muldoon
  • Cast & Crew biographies
  • trailer
Packaging Keep Case


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